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Nigel Boot | MADD curriculum lead | Outreach Teacher | Tettenhall Wood School


We have used Inclusic here at Tettenhall Wood School over a number of years including in their former phase as RockSchool. The staff are fantastic, both professionally and musically. They take into account our students’ needs and ensure that the programme they are offering is, as their name suggests, inclusive so that all students involved are able to access their workshops. 


Our last session with Inclusic was for our ‘Health and Well-Being’ week where they did a number of workshops with a variety of students with complex learning difficulties including Autism, communication difficulties and students with sensory needs. They were able to adapt their sessions for each class and were flexible enough to change things if they needed to so that the students got the most from the sessions. For example in one class some of the students did not respond well to the drumming and so the session was quickly adapted so that it was quieter and calmer and took place outside of the classroom because that was what those particular students needed at that time. The expertise and experience of the musicians that work with Inclusic is instrumental in their success working with students with additional and complex needs. 


The testimonial from a member of staff who has been at school for over 15 years says everything you need to know about Inclusic:

“It was the best session from an outside agency I have ever seen through all my time working here. Nothing was too much trouble, the students were engaged and calm. If the students wanted to explore the instruments it was fine. If a student was exploring a certain rhythm or beat (as Autistic children often do) they would pick it up and go with it.” She summed up; “they brought the sunshine in”. 


We are hoping to use Inclusic again this year for our ‘Health and Well-Being’ week and long term I would like to bring in Inclusic to deliver music sessions on a regular basis for our students as the work they do helps our students in so many ways: encouraging and developing communication skills; supporting self-regulation, and of course, learning musical skills.  The work they do and the learning potential they provide is invaluable. It is for all of these reasons we at Tettenhall Wood School are happy to support any funding bids Inclusic are going for.


Will Taggart | Soundabout | Practitioner and trainer


"The Rockschool team have added so much to the Our Music Project with their expertise and ability to embrace a new approach to music making with children with additional needs. By considering the diverse needs of children with both physical and social emotional difficulties Rockschool have helped this project succeed in its goal to provide an inclusive environment for music making, adapt instruments and develop musical activities that provide appropriate opportunities for children of all abilities to express themselves musically.”

Pete Edwards | Wolverhampton Music Education Hub | Curriculum Development Leader

I've been fortunate to have been able to access the work of  RML in a variety  of ways for over 17 years. They have provided contemporary instrumental work and workshop based projects for individual students as well as  rock/pop groups. We became involved in their excellent songwriting projects culminating in professional recording sessions at their own RML studio.  I've also seen the work they have undertaken across a large number of schools in the City including some fabulous work with Special schools. They are professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and flexible which has enabled them to inspire and guide countless young musicians over the years. They have provided opportunities for the  personal development of all types of student, not just aspiring professionals musicians (though there are many professional and semi professional artists making their way in the Music business who have benefited from their expertise).  They are happy to listen to/take note of the requirements and adapt to the needs of their clients and genuinely seek to involve everyone involved in a project, including both staff and students, to create memorable and meaningful experiences for all.

Pete Edwards GBSM ABSM Cert Ed. 

Mrs Sarah Fletcher | Wolverhampton Music Service| Assistant Headteacher


Wolverhampton Music Service has had the pleasure of working with Rockschool Music Ltd. Since 1994 when the service was looking at devising a popular music programme. Over the last 25 years they have run holiday courses, secondary school short courses and, most recently, a joint Music Service and Rockschool project. The ‘Our Music’ project is funded through a Youth Music bid and seeks to promote inclusivity as two schools are paired to work together. One of the schools in each instance has been a Special School and Rockschool have, therefore, also worked alongside a Soundabout Practitioner.


The Rockschool team is always expertly led by Tim Hubball and Ed & Ryan who have an easy rapport with the groups with which they work, engaging the young people through their enthusiasm for popular music and their expertise as practitioners themselves in this field. The autumn showcase this year incorporated bands from twelve of the city’s secondary schools and comprised a whole day of performances.

Anna Dickinson | Sandwell Academy | Head of performing Arts


I’ve worked with RML for the last 9 years, inviting them to coach, inspire and motivate students from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of abilities. The work produced is always of the most professional quality, providing students with experiences they will both remember for a life time and opportunities to be accredited in formal BTEC qualifications. The support they can provide to full time teaching staff is second to none, allowing music and performing arts departments to create a more enriched and inclusive curriculum.

Lucy | Broadmeadow School


At Broadmeadow, we are constantly seeking wider musical opportunities and experiences for our children. We often struggle to find practitioners that have both musical expertise and a knowledge of children with SEND. This was not an issue for Ed and the Inclusic team.


Prior to their visit, Ed was very thorough in enquiring about the needs of our children and we discussed the project at length. From the very first session both school staff and children were put at ease. Everyone involved was welcoming and made an effort to get to know the children individually, meaning that the sessions were personalised and allowed the children time and space to explore. Everyone was accommodating of the children's sensory needs and adapted their interaction with pupils accordingly.


The sessions had a great 'feel-good' atmosphere which had everyone involved and smiling, regardless of their needs and level of ability. Songs were appropriate for the children and the instruments were accessible for all. Staff at Broadmeadow were amazed at how some children who previously demonstrated limited engagement during music lessons were dancing, communicating and interacting beautifully. As teachers we have realised just how motivating and beneficial live music is for our children. We would welcome Inclusic back at any opportunity and hope to work alongside them again soon.

Laura Mcgoldrick | Green Park School | Oak Class Teacher


I teach a group 14 -19 year old pupils with complex physical and learning difficulties. We had the fantastic opportunity to work with Inclusic as part of a 6 week programme and what a positive experience it has been.


The speed with which the team members were able to adapt their planning to be reflective of the pupils needs was amazing, they quickly immersed themselves in our pupil’s worlds and established themselves as their favourite time of the week. The music was reflective of individual pupil preference with volume, pace and tone adapted and personalised.


The Inclusic team instinctively responded to pupils and offered an experience that was relevant to them. Due to the complexity of our pupils needs  is not often we find external practitioners who are able to adapt so responsively ; Inclusic did this with aplomb.


They utilised equipment and strategies that enabled pupils who had multisensory impairments and those that engage in learning a variety of different ways to access the music through co- active movement, resonance and great communication in order to create a fully inclusive music experience.


It was joy to be part of and the benefits are ongoing, with activity ideas and music being utilised more confidently. It was a truly inspiring experience, thank you Inclusic.

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